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Winemaking with Pure Passion

The winemaking facility was built between 2003 and 2004 having in mind wine production of particular characteristics stemming from a maximum of 50 planted hectares. The facility was specially built for a boutique-size winery with ideal space and temperature attributes to extract pure flavor from grapes that guarantee production quality. Felipe Marín, María Luz’s son, is the winemaker and head of wine production and labor at the winery. The facility is colonial style with Chilean tiles made from clay and decorated with beautiful mosaics made by Patricia Marín, another family member. The building also houses a wine shop, tasting room, and wine cellar, as well as production and packaging areas. Winemaking storage capacity is 200 tons and 180 thousand liters.

The building is also equipped with the latest technology for superior quality wine production:

• 31 stainless steel tanks of varying capacities for enhanced versatility and optimization of individual grape characteristics from each block, ranging between 1,000 and 15,000 liters, each with its own temperature sensor.
• Crushing/de-stemming machine.
• Vibrating sorting tables for cluster and berry sorting.
• 240 French oak barrels, most with a capacity of 228 liters.
• Pneumatic press.

• Conveyor belt.
• Automated temperature control system.

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