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The youngest line of fine wines created by Felipe Marin, Maria Luz's Marin Winemaker son. A more daring and innovative style which has had a very warm welcome in the market. The wines are made from the grapes coming from the new vineyard planted in 2010: "Tierras Blancas" (The white land). The vineyard is located right across the road of the Casa Marin plantation with 100% limestone soils and marine deposits. Varieties: Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Noir, Syrah and Garnacha


Pinot Noir is the only variety that mother and son do not agree on. Felipe likes to harvest the grapes earlier; Maria Luz likes to harvest the grapes later. So this is how No. 1 Pinot Noir was born, 100 percent according to Felipe Marin´s personal taste. The cool ocean breeze that runs through the valley makes Lo Abarca one of the most unique terroirs in Chile and our wines have changed the perception of Chilean wines in the world. This Pinot Noir is made with American clone 9 and 16 grapes and is different than all other Casa Marin Pinot Noirs. The clones have a thinner skin and a juicier pulp, resulting in a fruitier style of Pinot Noir. On the palate it is very tasty, balanced with a well-defined style where the wood marries the wine. An elegant wine with a long persistence to enjoy now, or to age for a few more years.


Serving Temperature: 14°c

Ageing potential: Between 4 and 15 years

Food Pairing: Delicious with wild Chilean salmon from the Lake District or any other fatty fish. If you love Italian food, then this wine is a great match with Italian pasta and pizza. For meat lovers, we suggest white meat such as chicken or pork.


Robert Parker:  2012: 92pts

James Suckling: 2012: 90pts

Tim Atkin: 2015: 90pts

Descorchados: 2012/15: 92pts

La Cav: 2015: 92pts



2012      2015     2018


In a country known for having one of the most diverse terroirs in the world, Lo Abarca Valley is considered one of the most extraordinary. The cool ocean breeze coming from the Pacific Ocean has changed the world´s perception of Chilean wines. Viñedos Lo Abarca is born from this first rate land.  Viñedos Lo Abarca No.2 Sauvignon Blanc is a limited edition, 100 percent barrel fermented, resulting in a full-bodied white wine which maintains the minerality and elegance Casa Marin is known for.


Serving Temperature: 11°c

Ageing potential: To drink now or age upto 8 years.

Food Pairing: Oysters are a perfect match but since its creation we have concluded it is an amazing food pairing wine. Thanks to its full body, a bit of residual sugar, and fresh acidity, this wine can be paired with all kinds of dishes, especially those made with fatty fish and accompanied with flavorful sauces. Also excellent with Asian food and sweet-sour dishes. Try and you will be amazed.


Concours Mondial du Sauvignon Loire: 2012: Gold Medal

Robert Parker: 2017: 92pts

Tim Atkin: 2017: 93pts, 2015: 92pts

La Cav:  2015: 90pts, 2012: 93pts

Descorchados: 2017: 96pts; 2013/15: 93pts



2013    2015    2017      2018


Garnacha is the new exciting red variety Casa Marín has added to its portfolio. The decision to plant this variety was made in order to blend it with the cool climate Syrah. The first blend was produced in 2013 with 55 percent Garnacha and 45 percent Syrah. As fateful as the aroma is, there is also a balance and freshness, an energy that allows the wine to be very playful and precocious, accented by the spice of habaneras aroma. The palate presents a great front-to-back seamlessness, with fine continuity and length. What gives this wine its length is the vibrant acid and balanced tannins.


Serving Temperature: 14°c

Ageing potential: Between 4 and 15 years

Food Pairing: Great with Patagonian lamb or any other type of lamb dishes. Furthermore, the high acidity of this red wine makes it good for any type of meat dish that is high in saltiness.


Robert Parker:  2013: 92+pts

James Suckling: 2014: 94pts

Descorchados: 2014: 95pts, 2013: 92pts

Decanter: 2013: 95pts

Tim Atkin: 2014: 92pts



2013         2014     


Garnacha is the new and exciting variety of red wine that Casa Marín has added to its portfolio. The cold breeze from the Pacific Sea that influences Lo Abarca has changed the perception of Chilean wine. From this exquisite land comes Viñedos Lo Abarca. The Grenache from a new vineyard, planted in 2011, and due to the low temperatures, cold nights and few hours of sunshine along the coastal trough, this wine is an expression of a blend of the Northern Rhone. The vineyards are planted on a steep north facing slope.


Serving Temperature: 14°c

Ageing potential: Between 3 and 8 years

Food Pairing: It goes very well with roasted or grilled lamb and any other type of red meat. On the other hand, the high acidity of this wine allows it to be paired excellently with all kinds of spicy dishes.

Descorchados: 2018: 95pts




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