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The Casa Marín winery in San Antonio Valley offers a variety of tours and tastings, each one is carried out with a personal approach and the same pure passion our wines are produced with. Come and experience the unique terroir of where our wine is grown and produced in Lo Abarca, San Antonio Valley, just over an hour from Santiago and Valparaiso. After your tour you can purchase wine at a special price in our shop or even enjoy lunch in our vineyard restaurant, Winebar Cipreses.


Tour and Tasting Cartagena      CLP $ 16,000 pp.  

Explore the extreme terroir of Chile and get to know our line of Cartagena wines, inspired by the coastal province, with different and delicious flavors. Includes a winery tour and 3 wine tastings from our Cartagena line. There is no minimum number of participants. Duration: 1 hour.


Tuesday to Saturday

11:00 / 15:00

English - Spanish

Tour & Tasting Felipe Marín Label       CLP $21,000 pp.

Learn the story behind the wines produced by Felipe Marín, youngest son of María Luz Marín, our founder. A different, unique style that has charmed thousands of people with its authenticity.
The tour includes a tour by
the vineyards, the cellar where these wines are produced and a tasting of 3 wines from the Lo Abarca Vineyards line. Duration: 1 hour


Tuesday to Saturday

11:00 / 15:30

English - Spanish

Tour and Tasting Casa Marín     CLP $ 25,000 pp.  

Learn more about where and how our world class wines are made. Tour through the history of one of the best vineyards in the country. Casa Marín, founded by the first woman winemaker, owner and founder of a vineyard in Chile.
Includes a guided tour by the cellar and the vineyard, and a tasting of three wines from the Casa Marín Premium line. Duration: 1 hour.


Tuesday to Saturday

09:30 / 11:00 / 15:00

English - Spanish

Private Tour & Tasting Icon Wines Deluxe

Casa Marín in all its splendor, premium category wines, recognized worldwide as one of the best producers of cold weather wines. A vineyard built by the strenght of a dream, the dream of María Luz Marín, who reflects the elegance of her personal style in her wines.
Includes a guided tour by the main house area, the vineyards and the cellar where our Premium Boutique category wines are produced. Tasting of 4 Premium and Icon category wines, plus cheese and nuts. Duration: 1 hour and a half.


Tuesday to Saturday.

Previous reservation depending on availability.

English - Spanish

Tour & Blind Tasting Experience
Experience our blind tasting, where you can test your senses to identify our wines. Activity where you can test your knowledge about wine, learn and surprise yourself with the aromas and flavors that our terroir gives us.
It includes a guided tour by the vineyards and our cellar, a tasting of 6 wines, all different varieties and a board with cheese and nuts. Duration: 1 hour and a half.
Tuesday to Friday
Previous reservation depending on availability.
English - Spanish

Tour & Tasting Library Wine Tasting
Know the true essence of the terroir of Lo Abarca. In this wine tasting of old vintages you can see the variation of each one, its history, evolution and characteristics of what happened during the vintage year. Witness how a good white wine, coming from a place like Lo Abarca, can be of guard breaking the paradigms of what is commonly said.
It includes a tour by the vineyards, cellar and tasting of 6 wines, within which there are 3 different varieties and two vintages of each. Also includes the participation of a member of the Marín family. Duration 2 hours.

Monday to Friday

Previous reservation depending on availability.
English - Spanish


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