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Casa Marin is our premium line of fine wines. Considered among the best cool climate wines in the country and the world with numerous international awards. The grapes selected and manually harvest from the best blocks of our vineyards, mainly granite and limestone soils. Due to the poor soils and cool wind of the humboldt current, the average yields are between 3 to 4,5 tonts per hectare. The wines are known for its elegant acidity, pure minerality and beautiful balance. Varieties: Sauvignon Blanc, Sauvignon Gris, Riesling, Gewurztraminer and Pinot Noir

Cipreses Vineyard

Our Cipreses Sauvignon Blanc is definitely the flagship in our portfolio. With its numerous awards, including two-time winner for Best Sauvignon Blanc in the World (Concours Mondial du Sauvignon 2010 and Decanter World Wine Awards 2010), this wine is considered Chile's best Sauvignon Blanc and among the best Sauvignon Blancs in the world. This wine shows lots of character as it represents the strong influence that Lo Abarca has on its flavours. As such, this influence overrides the varietal character of the original grapes with depth, salinity and the blend of roundness and sharp natural acidity, all of these so unique to this wine. The grapes originate in granite and limestone soil slopes, exposed to the cool wind of the Humboldt Current. Often described as an extremely seductive wine, a mix of stone fruit cocktail, green citrus aromas, wet stones and mineral hints that add an exotic feel. On the palate it is saline, crisp, and clean, resulting in a unique finesse. This wine has been crafted with lots of passion, without missing any detail during its development, all of which mark the difference.


Serving Temperature: 10°c

Ageing potential: Thanks to its low pH and high acidity this wine has a great aging potential. You can drink it young or let it age up to 8 years.

Food Pairing: The fresh acidity and structure makes this wine very versatile. Delicious to enjoy on its own during a warm summer day or paired with fresh salads, goat cheese, and all kinds of seafood.


Robert Parker:  2017: 93+ pts, 2016: 93pts, 2013/14: 92pts,  2008/10/11: 91pts              

James Suckling: 2015: 93pts

Tim Atkin: 2018: 94pts, 2017: 93pts 2016: 94pts

Decanter: 2015: "Chosen as one of the world´s most exciting wines of 2016", 2014: 92pts, 2013: 94pts, 2011: 95pts, 2009: "Best Sauvignon Blanc in the World" - International Trophy Decanter World Wine Awards

Wine & Spirits: 2015: 95pts, World top 100 wines in the world: 2015, 2011, 2009, 2008, 2007, 2006

Wine Spectator: 2009: 90pts

Descorchados: 2014/16: 96pts, 2015/17/18: 95pts, 2013: 94pts

Mesa de Cata La Cav: 2018: 94 pts


2015     2016     2017     2018       2019     2020

Sauvignon Gris, or in French known as Fié, is a rare variety which was largely abandoned after the phylloxera epidemic due to its remarkably low yields. Today the variety can still be found in some parts of the Loire and Bordeaux, but it is often blended with Sauvignon Blanc or Semillon. This pink variety has a thick skin which produces more full-bodied and aromatic wines than Sauvignon Blanc. Maria Luz Marín fell in love with this variety when she tried it in France, and ever since the first harvest in 2003, Casa Marín's Sauvignon Gris is the hidden treasure of the portfolio.  It is one of those wines with a WOW EFFECT: once you taste it, it will mark you forever. About 50 percent is fermented with natural yeast in used French oak barrels of 500 liters, where it stays for another 7 months. The other half of the wine is fermented in stainless steel. The wine is favorite among many chefs and sommeliers around the world and is listed in the world's best restaurants.


Serving Temperature: 10°c

Ageing potential: Thanks to its low pH and high acidity this wine has great aging potential. You can drink it young or let it age up to 8 years.

Food Pairing: Oysters are a perfect match but throughout the years we have concluded that it is an amazing food pairing wine. Thanks to its full body, a bit of residual sugar, and fresh acidity, Sauvignon Gris can be paired with all kinds of dishes, especially fatty fish accompanied with flavorful sauces. Also excellent with Asian food and sweet-sour dishes. Try it and you will be amazed.


James Suckling: 2015: 92pts                                                      

Descorchados: 2017: 94pts (Best other white), 2010/14/18: 93pts, 2012/13/15: 92pts

Robert Parker:  2017: 90pts, 2016/15: 91pts, 2014/07: 92pts, 2008: 90pts         

Tim Atkin: 2018: 93pts, 2015: 93pts​                                             

Decanter: 2010: 5 stars                                                 

Mesa de Cata La Cav: 2017: 93 pts                           

Wine & Spirits: 2010/12: 92pts


2015     2016     2017     2018    2019

Estero Vineyard
Miramar Vineyard

"Miramar" means ocean view and refers to steep slopes, consisting of limestone and granite soils that overlook the Pacific Ocean. It is here where our Riesling Miramar is produced. This wine is perfect for aging thanks to its natural acidity of over 7.5g/l and low pH of 2.9.  The wine has gained international recognition during the last ten years and was included in the Top 20 Must Try Dry Rieslings in the World by Decanter Magazine in 2016. This dry style of riesling is juicy and fresh with a touch of sweet caramelized apricot to balance the mouthwatering minerality and natural acidity. Beautifully elegant, a Marlene Dietrich in a crowd of Pamela Andersons.


Serving Temperature: 10°c

Ageing potential: Thanks to its low pH and high acidity this wine has great aging potential. You can drink it young or let it age up to 10 years.

Food Pairing: Excellent as an aperitif with a delicious fresh ceviche or any type of seafood. Furthermore, it is the best friend for spicy food, like for example a delicious Thai Curry.


James Suckling: 2017: 90pts 2016: 90pts, 2015: 91pts, 2009: 92pts    Descorchados: 2017/15/12: 93pts, 2010: 92pts

Robert Parker:  2017: 92pts, 2012: 92pts, 2010: 91pts, 2007/08/09: 90pts             

Wine & Spirits: 2009/07: 90pts, 2008: 91pts

Decanter: 2015: 92pts, 2011: Must Try White Wine, 2009: 5 stars      

Tim Atkin: 2018: 94pts, 2016: 91pts


2015       2016        2017       2018  

First found in the Italian Tyrol in the village of Tramin (or Tremeno) and nowadays known from Germany and Alsace, Gewurztraminer is another unknown variety for Chile. Just like the Riesling, Gewurztraminer belongs to the aromatic family of grape varieties.  Our Gewurztraminer Casona comes from blocks located at sea level altitude, consisting mainly of clay soils. Unfortunately, the Gewurztraminer Casona crop has been dramatically reduced over the years due to the heavy frosts that the village of Lo Abarca has been experiencing since 2010. Nowadays we only produce 3.000 bottles of this wine, so you have to be lucky to try one!

Its delicacy, which is very rare for the variety, combined with its subtlety turns this Gewurztraminer into a truly pleasurable experience for the palate. The floral notes are found in between mature fruit perfume. This is a delicate wine, the result of a cold vintage, which allows for an amazing level of subtlety in this variety.


Serving Temperature: 10°c

Ageing potential:  Drink young or age up to 8 years.

Food Pairing: If you love Thai, Indian, and Arabic food, then this Gewurztraminer is the perfect match!


James Suckling: 2014: 92pts                    Descorchados: 2014: 94pts, 2013/16: 93pts, 2011: 91pts, 2009/07/06: 90pts  Decanter: 2014: 90pts, 2007: 5 stars        Robert Parker:  2014/2009: 90pts, 2008: 91pts              


2016       2019

Casona Vineyard

Casa Marín produces four different Pinot Noirs from different blocks within our vineyards in Lo Abarca. The different soils, clones, and vinification methods result in four completely different Pinot Noirs. Pinot Noir Litoral is our second wine in the Pinot line. It is harvested 2 to 3 weeks later than the Cartagena Pinot Noir as we are looking for a fuller bodied and complex Pinot Noir. Punch downs are done three times a day for 10 days in order to gain more structure, color, and flavors out of the skins. The wine is fermented with its natural yeast and then aged for 12 months in French oak barrels, of which 20 percent are new barrels. This is a serious Pinot Noir, with aromas of bright cherry, red berry, and hints of cool climate cranberry framed in whips of smoky peat hearth fire. Flavors are bright, with a firm acid structure supporting the same fruit tones perceptible in the aroma. Finish lingers with long, late acid backbone carrying the red berry late into the aftertaste.


Serving Temperature: 10°c

Ageing potential: Drink between 2 and 10 years.

Food Pairing: Delicious with wild Chilean salmon from the Lake District or any other fatty fish. If you love Italian food, then this wine is a great match with Italian pasta and pizza. For meat lovers, we suggest white meat such as chicken or pork.


James Suckling: 2013: 91pts                                                                 

Robert Parker:  2013: 91pts

Descorchados: 2014: 94pts, 2013: 91pts

Mesa de Cata La Cav:  2014: 89 pts 


2013      2014     2018

Litoral Vineyard

The Syrah Litoral is the newest member of the Casa Marin line and typifies our visionary, cutting-edge style. Forget the classic Syrah and be prepared to try something unique, a wine that originates in an extreme coastal climate. The grapes are handpicked during the first two weeks of May and punch downs and daily pump-overs are done to encourage useful aeration. The wine is fermented with its natural yeast and then aged for 16 months in used French oak barrels, with no new oak added. This is a young but serious Syrah. The nose is sweet and spicy at the same time, showing subtle aromas of balsamic and floral notes such as lavender and violets. It is clean and pure on the palate with an intense and sharp acidity. It will surprise you! 


Serving Temperature: 15-16° C

Ageing potential:  Due to its low pH and high acidity the wine has great aging potential. Drink between 2 to 10 years.

Food Pairing: Great with raw ham (serrano or Parma), lamb, or any other type of red meat. Furthermore, the high acidity is a great match for any type of meat dish high in salt.


Robert Parker: 2014: 91pts                    Descorchados: 2013: 96pts 2014: 92pts

Tim Atkin: 2013: 93pts 2014: 90pts                          La Cav: 2014: 91pts


2013       2014 

Litoral Vineyard

The vines of Miramar Norte are 15 years old. They are exposed to a coastal climate, with cold mornings and cloudy days, recurring frosts during spring and autumn affecting the vines. This is a rosé made with Syrah of extremely cold weather, with natural acidity, it does not have any type of clarifier, which makes it a very honest wine in its expression. His style is fresh, exotic, unique, attractive that invites to continue drinking. Mineral, Saline, seductive and of superior quality.


Serving Temperature:  9-10°c

Ageing potential: Better to drink young.

Food Pairing: Delicious with salads, cheese or white fish. If you love Italian food, then this wine is a great match with Italian pasta and pizza. You can have it with desserts or sushi! This wine is that versatile.


2018     2019

Miramar Norte Vineyard

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