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Sustainability Policy

Viña Casa Marín is an innovative vineyard producing cool climate wines of high quality. Our primary characteristic is the reflection of passion observed throughout the production line.

This passion that we channel through our wines comprises of a commitment to the application of good environmental and social practices. This forces us to move towards and increasingly sustainable wine production, with regard to the workers, suppliers, customers, consumers and communities.

For this reason, Viña Casa Marín here defines its Sustainability Policy, committing itself to:

   1.  Preserving the water underground and on the surface without pollutants, something very necessary but extremely scare in this area.

    2.  Developing a working environment which is fair, safe and healthy, promoting good practices and a good work atmosphere.


    3.  Collaborating the development of our communities in terms of work, social and cultural.

    4.  The application of integrated pest management systems in our vineyard

    5.  Promoting recycling, reusing and safe disposal of organic and inorganic waste.

    6.  Encouraging the efficient consumption of energy and incorporating the use of renewable energies

​    7.  Respecting the rules imposed by the code of sustainability for the wine as well as the legal requirements and commitments acquired                voluntarily.

Viña Casa Marín's sustainability policy applies to all of its business areas, including their associated companies and it is the responsibility of all company employees to comply to this.

Download our sustainability policy here.




We have developed our own Code of Ethics to establish our values and ethical principals attributable to all of us who work at Viña Casa Marín and associated companies, including permanent workers, executives, temporary staff, consultants and contractors.


This also enables us to guide our relationship with clients, suppliers, public organisms and with the communities where we are involved. Furthermore, this is all framed in a permanent respect for the environment.

Download our full Code of Ethics here

Code of Ethics

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