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Pure Passion...

A Crazy story about a               crazy woman...

Casa Marín’s story began with its founder, owner, and winemaker, María Luz Marín’s dream.


Nothing describes this winery better than the story of a woman who persevered to create unique, fine, and exclusive wines. In 2000, against advice from colleagues and experts, she decided to establish her winery in Lo Abarca, a small town in the San Antonio Valley. Despite warnings about problems with location, the cool climate and people’s disbelief, she was successful in creating a company whose wines have received global awards and have helped position Chile in a distinct light with its high quality, high value wines.  

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Coastal Elegance...

The true cool climate of
Lo Abarca, San Antonio

Viña Casa Marín is located in a privileged and unique terroir and one that can seem adverse. The town of Lo Abarca is just 4 kms. from the Pacific Ocean and is covered by constant fog during the summer and winter months.  It is also a very windy area with cold temperatures during the grape growth season and ripening period. A large part of the vineyard sits on limestone and granite soils. These conditions result in vines that are able to produce a superior quality of fruit. The harvests are not abundant, but the plants that grow here are strong, with healthy grapes and greater flavor and mineral concentration that add unique qualities and character to the wines.

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One of Chile's most awarded wineries...

From the beginning, Viña Casa Marín set out to make one of the world's best cool climate wines. Thanks to the unique terroir qualities and the climatic conditions in Lo Abarca (San Antonio Valley), the Pinot Noir, Syrah, Sauvignon Blanc, Riesling, Gewürztraminer and Sauvignon Gris varieties achieve a wide range of balanced, fine aromas and flavors that make them unlike any others.

Casa Marín wines are noted for their superior quality. Their handling is special and delicate and they are all Single Vineyard, meaning each block of grapes is harvested and vinified separately. This preserves each block’s unique characteristics, resulting in many wines with marked, distinct personalities that add complexity to the final blend. Casa Marín’s white wines are very fresh, have a high natural acidity and distinct aromas. The red wines are elegant, fine, and complex.

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