Enjoy an unforgettable, relaxing stay at our small guesthouse “Villa Casa Marín”.


Our guesthouse is located in the middle of the vineyard and from there you can see the Pacific Ocean.


“Villa Casa Marín” is fully equipped.


Stay at our “Snow and Wine” apartment at the Valle Nevado ski resort.



Stay at Casa Marín, either at the winery or the Valle Nevado ski resort.

You’re invited to an unforgettable experience at our guesthouse “Villa Miramar” at Casa Marín, located at one of the most beautiful spots of our vineyard. You can enjoy a relaxing stay at the highest point of our winery, surrounded by Sauvignon Blanc vines and with sweeping views of the vineyards, the town of Lo Abarca and the Pacific Ocean. During the winter we also offer the unique opportunity that combines a passion for snow and good wine at our “Snow and Wine Apartment”.

Choose one of the two available accommodation options:

Villa Miramar at Casa Marín Vineyards

Villa Casa Marín

Villa Miramar at Casa Marín

Staying at our very popular Bed & Breakfast really makes your wine tourism experience complete. Our previous guests have spoken very highly of the exclusive location and spectacular surroundings of the guesthouse, guaranteeing absolute privacy and peacefulness. Breakfast will be served at the guesthouse, which features 2 double rooms with a maximum occupancy for 4 adults. It´s the perfect getaway for your family or honeymoon plans.

Price per night: $100,000 CLP for a double room.


Snow and Wine Apartment

Snow and wine at Valle Nevado

Snow and Wine Apartment at Valle Nevado

Viña Casa Marín also offers the unique opportunity to visit the Andes Mountains and enjoy our wines, and snow, during the winter months. You can stay at our apartment and ski at one of the largest and most luxurious ski resorts in South America. Walk into the snow from the doorstep of your apartment at the Valle Nevado skiresort, where – of course – you’ll have the possibility to enjoy our delicious wines.

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